Экспертные системы

Эксперты. Экспертные системы.

  • www.expertsystem.net
  • www.lpa.co.uk
    Logic Programming Associates (LPA)
  • www.ez-xpert.com
    Rule-based technologies used to be hard to build, slow, and expensive to deploy. EZ-Xpert 3.0 changes all of that!
  • www.amzi.com
    Amzi! specializes in software, services and support for efficiently developing, maintaining and deploying knowledge that is best expressed as logical relationships.
  • www.aiinc.ca
    Acquired Intelligence
  • www.nexsys.ru
    Системы анализа изображений.
  • www.expert-systems.com
    Аналитические решения для разработки бизнес-плана, анализа инвестиционного проекта и финансового состояния предприятия, управления продажами.
  • http://sourceforge.net/projects/coatexpert/
    Expert System for coatings
  • http://sourceforge.net/projects/clipscpp/
    A C++ port (a redesign implementation actually) of the CLIPS expert system . This will be done along the lines of the Java port Jess, but full CLIPS backwards compatability will be maintained (even to the API level where possible).


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